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Navigation Aids for Marinas

Company Background

Asakua were established in 2009 with the aim of servicing products in the fisheries and marine sectors.

They have a proven track record of providing economical and effective solutions within Turkey. This has been recognised formally with the company receiving a gold and silver medal from Izmir Chamber of Commerce in the fisheries and marine sector.

The reputation of Asakua in Turkey has been built by receiving countless references for the work they have done throughout Turkey. They are recognised as the leading AtoNs supplier in Turkey.

Details of Project

Viaport Marina, located in the south of Istanbul, was opened on 29 May, 2015. The development, which was funded by the Bayraktar Insaat, cost a billion Turkish Lira, providing over 2,500 jobs to the area. The brand new marina, which is the biggest in Turkey, includes parkland, cafes and restaurants.

The creation of the marina has brought the maritime experience to the people of Tuzla, Istanbul. The marina hosts a capacity of 750 moored yachts and an additional 300 boats berthed on shore. It is seen as an important step in preserving maritime history.

As this was a brand new development there were no previous aids to navigation in the area. To conform to the requirements of the Directorate of Coastal Safety and Salvage, there was a need for a navigation solution to be put in place to provide safe passage to yachts in and out of the marina.


A comprehensive solution was submitted by Vega’s channel partner in Turkey, Asakua.

After consultation between Asakua and Viaport Marina, it was agreed that a 5-7 nautical mile solar powered solution with GPS synchronisation would meet all of the requirements.

The solution included:

- Steel made onshore marine beacon towers

- Vega 5 nautical mile marine beacons (VLB-5)

- Vega 7 nautical mile marine beacons (VLB-36)

The beacons were programmed to meet the requirements of the Directorate of Coastal Safety and Salvage.

All of the beacons have been placed on top of nine metre lighthouses on the perimeter of the marina.

The system was completed by Asakua in 2015. It’s now operating effectively and the Bayraktar Insaat are impressed with the ability of the solar powered solution, which has reduced on-going costs.

As an international tourist hub, it was a high priority for Viaport Marina to safely guide ships in and out the marina. This has been done by synchronising the beacons to the correct flash characteristics, so that ships approaching the marina will be aware of the entry and exit channels.

An important aspect of the solution for the Bayraktar Insaat was Vega’s LED technology which allows the beacons to operate without frequent maintenance as they have no moving parts to service or bulbs that need to be changed.

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