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Underwater Robot - CCROV

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Asakua is the exclusive distributor of CCROV underwater robot in Turkey.

In comparison between its smaller size CCROV gives a very wide in range of underwater service. This 6 propeller mounted underwater drone which you can easily put into a middle size luggage and carry can dive to 100 meters depth and record 4k quality videos. software of CCROV provides you also to remotely control it via your mobile phone or your tablets under a wi-fi signal.

What is ROV?

ROV is the abbreviation of Remote Operated Vehicle. They are known as no human pilot underwater vehicles or drones. Within these robots it is easily operate it from the land on a remote center without diving. CCROV provides you working advantages under every conditions.


Police and Coast Guards

Search and Rescues




Shipwreck investigations

Ship investigations

Water pipelines investigation

Water tanks investigation

Sales and Rentings

For your service requirements, site applications, investigations and product demands of CCROV sales and rentals please do contact with our company.

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